Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thoughts for showers!

Everyone I know is having babies! One of my very very best friends is having twins on February 24th or possibly before depending on when they come. We are hoping for February! So a few weekends ago I threw her a baby shower in our home town. It was a hit and lots of fun! I am SO excited for these little guys to get here!
This banner came from this etsy shop, and I cannot say enough good things about it!

Favors that said "Double thanks for coming to Jessica's shower" which were Twix and Doublemint gum!

Wonderful, amazing cake made by a friend! The shower was dinosaur themed in case you didn't get that :)

My sweet sweet friends!

The BEST momma in the world.

I am off to two more baby showers this weekend, one for the same friend and one for another friend who is due in March. Like I said everyone is having babies and I love it! And I love that I get to see so many wonderful friends this weekend too!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

This weekend I...

- watched Blended. So cute and so funny. Definitely one of Sandler's best movies in my opinion!

- woke up super early on Saturday to play in a tennis tournament. We were supposed to start Friday night but got rained out so had to start Saturday morning.

- played 3 matches in one day. It was tough and exhausting, especially considering it was 90 on Satuday!! But we won all three!
- ate a lot of food, including two lunches and Chinese for dinner. Worth it and earned it after burning what felt like thousands of calories!
- went to bed before 10 pm on Saturday night. So so tired!
- played in the finals on Sunday at 1 pm. We lost in a tie break and it was so disappointing. Had a lot of fun playing with Cole though and so glad I spent my weekend playing!
- decorated my porch more for fall. Bought 2 beautiful mums as well as a white pumpkin (I have been wanting one so bad!) and two small orange pumpkins. The picture below is before the mums & pumpkins.

- spent Sunday evening drinking wine & grilling out with friends. Relaxing way to end a good weekend.

Hope everyone had a great weekend & happy Monday! Spending this week getting geared up for a wedding weekend in Charleston as the matron of honor! I'm linking up with Biana and Meghan today.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Life this week {via pictures}

So for some reason I just kind of dropped off the map this week. Although I cannot tell you why, I did have a desire to write today. Hat's off to all you ladies who have something to post about every day!

We had a good low key weekend hanging out with family in NC. We picked up the table that my father in law refinished for us and I am so happy with it! Here it is all together with our chairs in the house. As well as our bar cabinet in the back corner.

This week has been pretty uneventful, which I won't complain about too much. B has been playing tennis a lot this week so I have had a lot of time to just hang out with my pups. Speaking of them, Wilson's 4th birthday was on Monday. I am so glad that he is mine! He may not be a real child, but him and Jackson are surely my fur children.

The weather here this week has been great, as I know it has been a lot of places. But when it feels good enough to sit on the screen porch in July in Cola you take advantage of it! And when you add a glass of wine, puppies and good reading it just doesn't get much better than that.

Speaking of reading, I have had a lot of down time this summer at work and I have been reading up a storm and thought I would share a few books that I have found worthy!

A while back I had read My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult and recently I read The Pact by her. I really enjoyed The Pact although like her other books, it is really intense. I am currently reading Keeping Faith by her and have not enjoyed this one as much although I haven't stopped reading. I want to know what happens and get to the end it has just been a hard book to follow and not as intriguing as her others. She has a lot of books and I will keep reading for sure!
I also have read a few books by two other (new to me) authors. They are Kristin Hannah and Sarah Dessen. Both have had some really good books also some of which can be a bit intense (domestic violence in one). I usually don't love books that aren't all lovey dovey and happy endings but I have certainly branched out this summer. Ones that I would recommend by Kristin Hannah is Angel Falls and Home Front and Dreamland by Sarah Dessen.
And just in case I haven't promoted it enough, Janet Evanovich is probably my favorite writer hands down. She has some great little love stories, but her Stephanie Plum series (starting with One for the Money, and she just released #21!) are the absolute best! I am enjoying my down time reading, but am seriously looking forward to new students and classes starting in 36 days!
Hope everyone has had a great week and is looking forward to Friday and the weekend! I know I am!

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Nothing makes me happier than a Friday!

I try really hard not to wish away my weeks for the weekends, but man sometimes it's hard! So on that note, Friday I am so glad to see you!

{one} Tonight we are going to Charleston Cooks to do a cooking class with some of our friends. I am really excited, I think it sounds really fun. Here is what is on the menu: Crab-Filled Arancini Risotto Cakes with Salsa Remoulade; Grilled Snapper with Roasted Pepper Caponata; Summer Vegetable Ciambotta; Sicilian-Style Eggplant and Sausage Pizza; Sweet Ricotta Filled Cannoli with Pistachio Gelato. Yum! This is our first time doing something like this so I will definitely report back on how it is!
{two} This week I really had the urge to buy something for myself, hey I deserved it right? I went to Ross where I usually have great luck buying dresses (everything else, eh no). I have really been wanting to find a maxi dress that fits me (all of them are SO short on me!) and I found this adorable Calvin Klein one. The best thing about Ross? Orginally $80-$90, I got it for $30! Wore it to work yesterday and received many compliments. I said that is a win.
{three} Our new kitchen chairs were delivered yesterday morning. I really like them, but the true test will be when we pick up the table from home this weekend and see how they look together. I am a bit worried that they won't match as well as we want them to, but hopefully all will look great! These are the chairs:
{four} Speaking of home, we are going to NC tomorrow to pick up the table. It belonged to B's grandma and his Dad refinished it for us. I am excited to see it. We will also get to hang out with both our families and see a few friends in the process. Traveling can be such a pain sometimes but going home is always a good thing!
{five} A bunch of ladies in our neighborhood play Bunco once a month and I have started playing. It is a lot of fun, good food and good company. We played last night and had a salad bar and I made my flag cake, but without the flag :) Last time we played I won a prize for the most losses and last night I won $$ for the most Bunco's!
Hope everyone has a happy and fun weekend! Linking up with September Farm & The Farmers Wife today! Thanks ladies!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wedding Wednesday {Getting Ready!}

So the morning of the wedding we all met at my hair salon around 8 am to get our hair done and my makeup done. It was just easier to meet there and let the girls do their thing! So we brought breakfast and mimosas and took over the hair salon for the next 4 hours. Jessica had her camera and took A LOT of pictures there but I just realized (and texted her) that I had not seen any of those! So all of the pictures I have are from our professional photographer after we were already pampered! We actually had a little bit of spare time between the hair salon and when we had to be at the church around 1, so we went back to my parents and the girls did their makeup and we then ate PB&J sandwiches! The guys showed up at the church around 2 and got dressed, man do they have it easy! All in all the morning of our wedding was really relaxed and fun, I got to hang out with my 5 best friends and my mom, what more do you need?!

 While all of this was happening I also gave B a gift. They were bullet cuff links and I think he really loved them! He had given me one of those cool personalized stamps with our new name and new address on it. That was a game changer when writing thank you notes!


 At this point everyone is ready, so up next will be portraits of Brian and I as well as the first look with my Daddy! (You only need to see so many portraits before it is overload!) Stay tuned for that post next Wednesday!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Stop trying to figure out where you're going, and enjoy where you're at.

This weekend I was finishing unpacking a few boxes. Oh I moved 3 months ago? Yeah well it happens. I stumbled across a box full of school stuff from college as well as my backpack that was full of binders from college classes. Man did it take me back and man did it ever make me miss college. The classes, the friends, the easiness of life, all of it.

So I have a degree in Communications and I loved it. I loved writing papers and giving speeches and not having to take many exams. I loved the professors. College taught me a lot, not necessarily about history or math but taught me about life and how to be an adult and how to function in this crazy thing we call life.

My senior year of college, which was roughly four years ago, I took a class called CST 460, Ethnography. It was a really cool class. We spent the whole semester writing the story of our life. Yes the whole semester. It was a lot of fun and really eye opening. I learned how stories are so much better when you show rather than tell. I remembered so many memories and fun times from my childhood. I found the story of my life this weekend when I was cleaning some things out and I sat and read through it. I was impressed at how well my writing was. I was impressed with the grade I received on the project. I was inspired by my professors words that he had given as feedback (I made sure he knew it via Facebook. He is a really super guy!) I was shocked at how much had changed just in those tiny four years since I wrote this. I am married to someone I didn't even know when I wrote this, that is insane. the things I thought I would be doing right now, I haven't done any of them. That was a bit of a downer. I want to do really big things, I want to make a difference in people's lives and I don't think I am doing it where I am now. But God has big plans for my life, and that is one thing I am certain of. I think I will do another post on Thursday about where I am currently (mostly work related) and where I would ultimately like to be one day. 
I am really big on quotes, every chapter in the story of my life was named after a quote. And this quote from the TV show Scrubs was the center of my story. And although so much of what I wrote is different now, this quote remains the same. I need to stop trying to figure out where I am going and enjoy where I am at (for it is truly a great place).

"I don't usually like thinking about the future. I mean, let's face it, you can't predict what's going to happen. But sometimes, the thing you didn't expect is what you really wanted after all. Maybe the best thing to do is just stop trying to figure out where you're going, and enjoy where you're at.”

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 4th weekend!

Man I love long weekends, but coming back to work on Monday is a real buzz kill. Woof. I basically had a really fun filled weekend but took about zero pictures to prove it. But still linking up today to tell you all about my weekend!

Thursday - Erica & Mat came into town so we went over to Mark and Katherine's, drank a few beers and grilled some chicken and burgers. It was so good to see Erica!

On the way over to see them there was a beautiful, huge rainbow. It's the little things.
Friday - We were up pretty early and headed to the lake. We stopped at a firework store on the NC/SC border, which was the most packed place I have EVER seen. My lovely husband proceeded to spend $130 on fireworks. He was like a small child in a candy store. We spent the day lounging, playing cornhole, floating, riding on the pontoon, eating and drinking. Later that night we built a fire and made s'mores and set of all our fireworks. Also on that note if you haven't seen this article about s''s a life changer. It makes me drool at 9:30 am.

After setting of all the fireworks we threw them in the fire. Maybe not a great idea, but Joe decided that it made an artistic picture. You think I would have taken a picture of the actual fireworks. Nope.

I made my flag cake. So very good. I have one little tiny piece in my lunchbox today!
Saturday - We were back to Cola to pick up the dogs and relax for the afternoon. We tried to go to River Rat Brewery but they were closed. So instead headed up to Cantina 76 for dinner with Erica, Mat, Mark & Katherine. They have great tacos! Highly recommended. Then Erica & I just hung out on the screen porch with a few glasses of wine. Definitely a good way to end a busy weekend.
Sunday - I shouldn't even write anything on this because we literally did nothing exciting. Grocery store, Lowes, dog walking, laundry. Man how riveting. Sometimes you just need a day like that though.
Like I said it was a very fun 4th weekend and I can think of about 100 other things I would rather be doing right now instead of sitting at my desk at work. Oh the joys of being an "adult." On that note..."We are adults. When did this happen and how do we make it stop!?"
Hope everyone has a great (or as great as it can be) Monday!